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Welcome one and all to my web site which is dedicated to the humble Vauxhall Viva HB GT.

The Viva obsession started for me in 1973/74.....I was a dashingly handsome, some would say lanky, spotty, scrawny 17 year old, (god it seems like a millennium ago), and mad about football and cars. I still am, (although not dashingly handsome anymore), only I have had my football obsession driven out of me by the greed mentality which now stalks the beautiful game. The car, (replace the word 'car' with Viva HB), obsession is still burning brightly and it is, in fact, getting stronger as I get older. If you can be bothered you can work out my age but I'm not going to make it easy for you by writing it down.

The first car I owned was an Austin A30. I never drove this legally on the highway as I was only 16 and the car never had an MOT. My second car was a Ford Anglia estate which was given to me by my Dad after I passed my test. Then after a short time I bought a green HB SL 90. This is when I fell in love with the style and shape of the Viva HB. I'm now the proud owner of two 1968 Mk1 Viva GT's and a 1968 HB deluxe estate, which is my daily drive. I also have half an HB in the garage but that's another story.

I have owned my first Viva GT since 1978, when I badgered my Dad into helping me afford my dream car. For me it was always a goal to own a Viva GT. I wanted one so badly and coming home from work one day in 1978, I saw DHR 990C in a garage showroom in As She WasEaton Bray, Bedfordshire. God she looks gorgeous. She was black with a 'Trans Am' front spoiler. I stopped, got out and stuck my nose to the showroom window, dribbling unashamedly down the glass at the vision before me. I decided there and then that she would be mine. A week later and Dad took me over to collect DHR. (I've never had a proper name for her, she's always been known as DHR to me). I'd sold my SL to a work mate for £100 and put that towards DHR. (I can't remember for sure how much she cost me but I think it was in the region of £600). She was worth every penny, however much it was and she has been with me ever since.

My other GT was only bought in February of 2007. I got an e-mail telling me that there was a Mk1 GT for sale in Bristol, one owner from new, with a full service history. So being as it was Valentine's day I went down and As She Wasbought it for my wife as a Valentine's present. She was totally overwhelmed and speechless when she saw it! (In fact she was so overwhelmed she didn't speak to me for a few weeks). I'd never spent that much on a Valentine's present before but she was worth it. (The car not my wife). She has no rear end worth talking about and is tatty and falling to bits in most other places, (the car not my wife), but for £250 what do you expect. Her one redeeming feature was the interior which was as good as it gets. Even the centre console was untouched, crack free and no holes drilled in it. So SHW 263G joined DHR in the garage. And there you have it, the very short version of how I came to own two 1968 Mk1 GT's.

My estate was purchased in February 2009 after I decided that I didn't want DHR oMy New Toy!ut in all the bad weather every day. I had been using her as my daily runner after our old Astra gave up the ghost. I picked her up from Flod's in Birmingham and we fought our way through a snow storm on the way home, nearly 100 miles, non stop at a steady 55mph no problem. She's a great little runner and I use her for all my daily driving. I take all my rubbish to the tip in her and enjoy driving her nearly as much as DHR.There's plenty more information and pictures on all the cars on the links on the left.

Now remember, I've built this site as a bit of fun and that's how it should be taken. I mean no offence to anyone and everything's done tongue in cheek. I've enjoyed doing it and hope people like reading it. If you don't enjoy it I'm sorry but I did my best. If you do enjoy it tell some mates and spread the word of the Viva.

Happy reading.

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